Lazy Bag

The Lazy Bag is a new parachute deployment bag with no rubber bands but magnets and closing flaps

For safer and better openings (less line twists).
Makes the pack job a lot easier and faster.
You never have to replace broken rubber bands.
Canopy openings are not harder than with a "normal" bag.

The Lazy Bag has been tested for more than 9000 jumps with no malfunctions at all.

Solly Williams (over 10000 jumps) says: "Our packers love it. I've packed it a few times myself. Very easy. There seems to be less chance of line twists as the bag comes off more consistently. My team mates confirm this. All in all a great idea."

Pete Allum (over 18000 jumps) says: "We are very satisfied with the bag. We love it! We love the ease of packing and the lack of bands. Great idea!!"

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Always check for the numbered Lazy bag label:


You can order the Lazy bag  from

Ludo Havelaerts

Broechemhof 9
2520 Broechem (Ranst)

Mobile: +32 475 45 17 03


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